Deep Clean Your Lashes


Keeping eyelash extensions clean is an essential part of wearing eyelash extensions. Buildup due to makeup such as eye shadow, eyeliner, dust and debris can cause blockage of the lash hair follicles and cause conditions such as Blepharitis to occur. Blepharitis is a swelling or inflammation of the eyelids, usually where the eyelash hair follicles are located. This you want to avoid.

The Lashfresh PRO CLEAN BRUSHES allow for a deeper clean that can keep your lash line and natural lashes healthy – Comes with 50 Elongated Lint Free Brushes. The longer brush allows for a more complete clean.

Use with Lashfresh Liquid or Foam Wash. Gently Scrub at base of lashes to remove eyeliner, eye makeup or any buildup.


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